Fertillity Friendly Pre Seed Lubricant and Applicators

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Pre~Seed Applicators (4 gm Intravaginal) for use with Pre~Seed 40 gm Tube $3.99/3 app

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fertility friendly pre seed applicator

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Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant fertility friendly- the only lubricant that is safe to use when trying to conceive $21.50


fertility pregnancy friendly preseed lubricant

fertility friendly pre-seed lubricant pre'

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Pre' Multi-Use 3.6oz "Fertility Friendly" Personal Lubricant. A mild lubricant for women in all walks of life. $18.50

pregnancy friendly pre seed lubricant

fertility friendly pre seed applicator 3 pack

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Combo- Pre~Seed + applicators receive one box of Pre~Seed and two 3-packs of applicators $27.48

get pregnant withfertility friendly pre seed

Trying to Conceive

When you are trying to become pregnant, infertility can be a heartbreaking experience as you attempt to have a baby and find yourself disappointed month after month. As you begin trying to conceive, you likely didn't even give a thought to your fertility. Most people think that getting pregnant will be quick and easy, and they will have a baby in no time. This isn't always the case, however. Pre-Seed is a tool that couples suffering from infertility can use to help with conception.

One of the biggest issues that can impede conception is the conditions within the vagina. Some women are dry and lack the lubrication necessary for sperm to move through the uterus to the egg. For other women, the acidity levels in her vagina or uterus may be too high for the sperm to survive until they reach their destination. While some women may be tempted to use just any lubricant, most over-the-counter lubricants available at most stores can actually kill and impede sperm further. Pre-Seed is a safe lubricant designed to help the sperm instead.

How Pre-Seed Works
is specially formulated to closely match the body's natural lubrication that helps sperm move easily through the cervix and into the fallopian tubes. This lubricant follows closely with the same pH and thickness your body produces. It also contains ingredients that help keep the sperm healthy and unharmed as they head for their destination. All you must do is insert the Pre-Seed into your vagina via the applicator before intercourse and then continue as normal. Dr. Faith Daggs of the Center for Women's Health in Camp Hill, PA states, "I can confidently recommend a lubricant to my sub-fertile patients that won't work against them."

While Pre-Seed can't guarantee that you will become pregnant just because you use it, your chances do increase, especially if your infertility is the result of dryness or the environment in your vagina. If you would like to purchase Pre-Seed and give it a chance to help you on your fertility journey, you can purchase the lubricant and applicators from Truly Conceivable.

More information about Pre~Seed Applicators

Have you used all of the disposable applicators that came with your Pre~Seed, yet still have product left?

Sold in packs of 3 ~ These 4 gm Intravaginal Disposable Applicators are for use with Pre~Seed 40 gm Tube.

get pregnant with pre seed lube

Review: "I run out of Pre Seed applicators everytime,
I am so glad I can buy them here!"

Review: "I love Pre Seed because it's one of the very few, if not only, trusted lubricant that's all natural. I value a "natural" produt over other choices because it's the most sensitive part of my body, and I want to make sure I'm doing everything right for the conception of my future children. Lovemaking is also quite intense when I use Pre Seed. It seems to make it more stimulating and sensitive for both me and my partner, and a lot of baby experts will tell you that enjoyable lovemaking is key in conceiving a child successfully.

"I've been using the product for only a short time now, but I am already noticing a difference in how I make love and how relaxed I feel when I'm using it. It's not sticky or oily, like other feminine lubricants, and it's the only lubricant allowed by the FDA to market itself as safe for use during conception."

More information about Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant

Other lubricants can damage sperm and should not be used when you want to become pregnant. 'Fertility-friendly' Pre~Seed® relieves vaginal dryness without harming sperm or embryos and is less irritating than leading lubricants. Applying Pre~Seed inside the vagina can supplement natural secretions involved in reproduction, including fertile fluids.

Pre~Seed is recommended by and used in leading fertility and women's clinics.

Pre-Seed's isotonic formula is also available in an external lubricant, for everyday patient or clinic use, as Pre' Lubricant. Both Pre~Seed and Pre´have been used for lubrication by women in all stages of life, including post-menopausal women and women with pelvic pain disorders,such as vulvodynia.

pregnant with fertility friendly pre seed

Review by Gabriela: "Omg!!! I love the pre seed and the cd!!! Is just what I needed- makes me relax and be calmer about everything. Thank you guys! Xoxo"

Making love... without the irritation!

Pre-Seed's isotonic formula is also available in an external lubricant, for everyday patient or clinic use, as Pre'® Lubricant. Both Pre~Seed and Pre´have been used for lubrication by women in all stages of life, including post-menopausal women and women with pelvic pain disorders, such as vulvodynia.



Fertility Patient Uses Sensitive Patient Uses
Intrauterine insemination   Device/Tampon Insertion 
Embryo transfer   Peri- and post- menopause 
In vitro fertilization  Pelvic pain conditions (e.g., vulvodynia) 
Ultrasound probe insertion  Cancer or autoimmune patients 
Semen sample collection   Irritation from leading lubricants 
Supplementing vaginal secretions during ovulation 

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Pre~Seed carries the manufacturer’s "Love it or it's Free" guarantee. If you don’t love Pre-Seed, the manufacturer will gladly refund your purchase price.

pregnant friendly pre seed conceive pre-seed

More about Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant plus Applicators Package

  • 1 Tube Pre~Seed with 9 single use twist-on applicators + an additional 6 applicators
  • Pre~Seed provides moisture without harming sperm
  • Only "sperm-friendly" moisturizer available on the market
  • "Love it or it's free" guarantee

Was $25.50
Sale! $23.50

fertility friendly pre seed aplicator package

Review by Chari: "Hey everybody! If you know anyone who is trying to conceive, or is having trouble conceiving, check out TrulyConceivable on Facebook!. A friend of mine put this together and has helped many people already. Dr. Jayne Helle is a certified healer, and hypnotherapist, and has helped me with many things personally. I would highly recommend checking this out!

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