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RR Monday September 17, 2018
I just listened to track one on the first CD last night - it was fantastic. I already feel much more relaxed about everything. It's really wonderful that you've created these CDs. (so interesting that fears I wasn't even consciously addressing have begun to disappear) I am looking forward to listening to the rest of them Thanks again
AG Wednesday September 5, 2018
We all listened to Dr. Helle's relaxation CD at work today. It is awesome! I could tell a huge difference in people's attitudes the rest of the day. I would like to listen to it with the whole staff on Mondays. This relaxation CD, will not only benefit couples who are trying to conceive, but will help anyone with stress in their life. It instantly relaxes you, and keeps you relaxed throughout the day!
BR Saturday September 1, 2018
After trying to conceive for quite a while and not being able to accomplish this, I found this conception Cd a refreshing change. I was able to relax with the soothing voice of Dr. Helle and it gave me much needed sleep. I look forward to listening to my CD each day.
S.R., MSW, LICSW Friday November 17, 2017
Dr. Helle is a blessing! She has been a mentor, a guide, and a true support over the many years I have seen her. Working in the helping profession myself, I find it comforting to sit with this amazing woman who has empowered me, not only professionally, but personally. She has seen me through many difficult times, encouraging me to find me inner strength and to believe in the gifts that I have. Thank you Dr.Helle!
CK Friday February 21, 2014
I found the CD very relaxing and helpful in getting focused. The music was a wonderful blend that fit well with Dr. Helle's voice. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is stressed about getting pregnant. It worked for us.
C J Tunstall Thursday January 2, 2014
Dr. Helle helped a friend of mine with conception and we are all grateful to her.
From: Calif
CK Wednesday October 30, 2013
This CD really helped me feel relaxed. I had been feeling so stressed, worrying about getting pregnant, I couldn't sleep. Dr helle's voice was so soothing that I felt as if I was drifting on a cloud. Thank you for caring enough to make this CD available.
CE Thursday October 24, 2013
I like this CD. Dr Helle's voice walks you through a full body relaxation, from toes to scalp. The only thing that I found a little distracting was the advertising between the 2 sections of the CD. Still, I would recommend this CD to anyone.
Lynne Tuesday May 22, 2012
Hello Dr. Helle, Thank you so much. I haven't smoked in over ten days and I am amazed because no one could ever hypnotize me before. I remember everything on the tape and it didn't seem to be any big deal when I finished listening. But it has worked for me, I think, because I really did want to quit. There have only been one or two times when I thought I wanted to smoke, but I automatically remember to do what you suggest - it passes and I'm free again from the craving or desire that visited briefly. Whole days go by now and I never think of smoking or want to smoke. Whew. I can smell better, taste food better and my lungs don't hurt from sucking in those stupid drags of tar and nicotine - because I 'm not sucking them in anymore. Yeah! I really didn't think I could do it. I know I tried for years. Finally, I am a relaxed non-smoker. The times, places, people: various situations that would trigger the "light one up" button in me have been disconnected. I hope you try it. It's only $12.50 and some of your time. What have you got to lose? Many thanks, Lynne
C.R. Thursday April 26, 2012
I tried the a Attracting Love Cd from your other site "Inlitenment.com" before I found my husband and fell in love. Now I am trying the Relax and Conceive Cd hoping that it will help with the stress and anxiety trying to conceive. We want to have a family the natural way if possible. Thank you for your help.
Linda Thursday April 26, 2012
Thank you for your stop smoking Cd. I quit smoking the first week of using it. I already feel better and have more energy. My mate is thrilled and we are going to try to conceive now. Wish us luck.
Cari Thursday April 26, 2012
I lost thirty pounds in just two months with Dr. Helle's "Relax and Reduce" Cd and I never had to struggle. I know getting pregnant will be easier now. My Dr. recommended losing weight before I got pregnant, he said it would be easier for me to conceive and my delivery would be easier. Thanks again.
Liz Thursday April 26, 2012
I have never slept so good and losing weight is so easy with DR. Helle's Cd. I don't have to struggle anymore. I recommend anyone who has wanted to lose weight but can't stay on a diet to try it. You don't even feel as if you are dieting, it just feels natural and it works. It may have been because I was so relaxed, I never snacked all the time and I just felt in control.
Ted and Annie Thursday April 26, 2012
I had been so stressed all I could think about was wanting to conceive. I felt anxious all the time before I tried your Relax and Recharge Cd. After listening to the Cd a few times I started feeling happy again and was no longer obsessed with conceiving. Now I am three months pregnant and still listening to the CD to stay relaxed and happy. My husband listens to it every week end and it is helping him with the stress of his work. We also play it at night to help us sleep. We are satisfied customers.
HS Tuesday April 17, 2012
Want to feel great and on top of the world, then try Dr. Helle's relaxation cd. I tried it and I love it.
Kendra Tuesday April 17, 2012
In the modern world, it is a challenge to hear oneself think. I dream of being authentically true to who I am; with all the noise of modern life my vision of self is clouded by self-doubt. I am a strong, capable and beautiful person. Dr. Jane Helle is a registered psychologist in Spokane, who uses her intuition to help guide clients through mental blockages. I struggle with anxiety, through the session I have had with Dr. Helle, she has gently led me through hypnosis. In a state of hypnotherapy Dr. Helle is able to communicate with the unconscious mind. You are very much present during the session. Often mental notes, and ideas that have been plaguing you come up. Dr. Helle addresses them, and rows them away. Through my sessions with Dr. Helle, I have learned that: “other peoples opinion of me, is none of my concern.” I can only be me. Dr. Helle helps clients find the courage to access their innate uniqueness; and guides them to a place of mental appreciation. Dr. Helle has given me the gift of patience, and self promise. My life is waiting with undeniable opportunity as long as I have the courage to stay strong, and the will to hold on to the truth that I am a strong, capable, beautiful person. Thank you Dr. Helle for helping me clear my mind, and access my true potential.
From: WA
Happy Client Tuesday April 17, 2012
Hello, I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 5 years. I have tried drugs and counseling with no improvement until I had an opportunity to work with Doctor Helle. I had never tried hypnotherapy and for that matter didn't really believe in it. I agreed to experience a hypnotherapy session even though it was to be over the phone. After the first session I didn't think there was any improvement however, after I had gone through three sessions I found my condition had improved dramatically. I am a believer in Doctor Helle and would highly recommend her if you are having a challenge that you haven't been able to solve.
From: Spokane
CJP Friday April 29, 2011
We purchased the CD's for my granddaughter and she is now expecting her first baby in August, my first great-grandchild. We are so excited and happy. Thank you Dr. Helle.
From: Spokane, WA

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