Testimonials about Pre-Seed Lubricant and conception C.D's

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HE Thursday December 9, 2010
My daughter used this cd and I now have a beautiful little Grandbaby. All she needed to do was relax and let nature take its course. These cd's are marvelous. My daughter used Dr. Helle's conception CD's. I have even listened to them to relax.
From: Spokane Valley,WA
DR Saturday October 30, 2010
I listened to Dr. Helle's CD and I'm so glad I did. Her CD begins with affirmations that connect with the listener about what the listener may be experiencing. At a time in a woman's life when she typically feels very alone, these affirmations were key in drawing me in and keeping my attention. The main thing I came away with after listening was a renewed feeling of love for my husband, as Dr. Helle reminds listeners that babies want and deserve to be conceived in an atmosphere of total love. After listening to it, I come away more calm, more relaxed, and more positive about our hopes for conceiving.
SM Sunday February 8, 2009
I just received my copy of this CD, and I have never felt so relaxed. Dr. Helle really brings you to a calm, happy place. I recommend this CD to women who don't even think they are stressing out about TTC.
Dr. E Monday January 28, 2008
For the past 15 years I have worked with Dr. Jane Helle, a wonderfully warm, talented, very spiritual hypnotherapist on issues from stress to pain management. My kids have all worked with her too...for their concerns such as to help them with taking standardized tests to improving self esteem in middle school. Dr. Helle has had to help me RELAX with being on bed rest this past two weeks, with LOTS more to come... I have been using her relaxation, meditation CDs. They are awesome!!! She has lots of different CDs for everything from hypnosis for weight loss, to decreasing the stress of parenting. I had never used CDs like this before, and didn't really know how or if they would work. But I can tell you, one of my favorite parts of my day is listening to Jane's voice talking me through a time of relaxation and release. All her products are guaranteed, so if they don't bless you, you can return them for a refund. If you are looking for away to take a little better care of yourself on your journey, whether you are trying to conceive or just busy or in pain...try one of Dr. Helle's CDs. (Borrowed From Dr.E's Blog - www.preseed.com)

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